What can we learn about the book’s themes by looking at the characters of Henry and Andy?

By studying the characters of Henry and Andy from”blood and bone” we can  discover the book’s main themes.

  first theme we can look at is that of Australian identity. there are two types of it , a boy who becomes a brave Anzac because he fought in the war and the other who is like a modern type Australian who is laid back and kind of lost. Andy lansell who fought in the war is a brave person because he went to France to help out with the British empire. Henry lloyn who is the laid back character is staying at home and occasionally surfing. H as very wealthy parents so hes just kicking back and driving around in his Volvo.

surviving conflict: Both characters have to survive some form of conflict. Hnry’s conflict is a internal one because he is coming to terms with the loss of his girl friend.

Rites of passage: Andy lansell is a example. He had to make up his own mind of whether he wants to fight in the war or not . He believes that it will and has made him a man because of his decision. he had to do boot camp training before hand and learn to be independent and feel like his on his own . henry is realsiing that he cant live on his parents for ever so hes now studying law at uni and being more dependent on himself. henry is a smart kid. he will get there but for him to be a man he will have to keep proving to himself that he can organise himslef for his study and free time. at the moment he is doing that


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andy about himself!!

my name is andy lansell and i am 21 years old. i would like to think of myself as a bad boy. i care about my country and thats why im going over to war to fight for my country. im very anxious to get out there and fight and therefore on the way home to get back to my country. i feel that im brave because im going to war to fight for my country whent ehre a possibilty of dieing. i also care about my mates very much. i love hagning out with them and spending time. i like to exlpore and sus things out. if they look bad or something does ill still go over and see it . i want to use a gun so thats part reason why i want to go to war. i do have a couple of guilts inside me like cheating on my girlfirend cecille, thats one thing i regret. adventure walks and camp outs are the most funnest , i feel that adventuring is the most funnest thing you can do with your mates.

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henry about himself!!

my name is henry llyon and im 18 yers old and i just recnetly left school. i am now going to enjoy the freedom of doing what i want now that i dont have school. i would like to think that i am easy going and enjoy listening to my friends stories. i am a very polite and is always wanting to hang out with my friends. i am going to go to uni to study law and order. i have a very wealthy family and background, my old man owns a yoaht and wee have a car which are some examples of how wealthy we are. i surf occasionally in my free time and i absoultely love the ocean water and the relaxtion. i drive a car, nothing much to brag about becuase its a volvo but it does the job. i buy my friends lunch occasionally and always help them out. i love life at the moment and there more intersting events to come. i like explporing and learning new things and spending time with my friends. im easy to get along with and i would like to think of myself as a laid back guy.  

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un australian

what i believe would be unasutralian is people who cant talk english and people who aren’t proud to be australian. un australian also would be not liking our scenes in australia like the outback and our animals like the beatiful emu and koala. food from over seas isnt australian or anything made internationally isnt australian. also, if you odnt buy zoo weekly , your not australian.   

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  1. What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test? there suggesting that the citizenship test is not that hard  unless u know australian themes and saying becuase thats what it is shopwin on the tests so maybe there saying they should make it harder for for the immagrants.
  2. What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test? the introduction for the citizenship test is that if peoples want to migrate to australia they have to know some of our history.
  3. What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship? people are afraid that the idea of the test might cause divsion in the community and they fear we are undermining multiculturalism!
  4. Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain why. i find the arguments for the test because for those who came throuhg without the test cant speak english so this test ensures us that they know some history and can speak english so they can be in australia and they can feel like australians as they get there citizenship!
  5. What was the White Australia Policy? Research. The White Australia Policy is the prevailing term used to describe a collection of racists legislation and polices, which were intended to restrict non-white immigration to australia, and to promote white immigration, from 1830 to 1982!
  6. What do you think the writer of this piece thinks of the citizenship test: i think he likes the idea of the tests becuase they (immagrants) shouldnt be allowed to come to australia and become a citizen without knowing anything about this country so i think hes agreeing with the idea of the citzienship test!!
  • What is the purpose of the piece? (Article/Feature/Opinion Piece etc.) the purpose of this piece is i think to convince people that the citizenship test is a great idea!
  • What is the writer’s tone? If you are a reader who disagrees with the writer, how would the tone make you feel?  writers tone is very agressive saying its a good idea if i read it and i was disagreeing i would be  fairly conviced its a good idea!!
  • What are some of the words the writer uses to describe people who disagrees with? some of the words are yammerers  and cruel words describing the immagrants like filthy diseasesd people.
  • What effect does using words such as these have on the reader’s perception of these people? well it might get threw to the readers and make them realise wats coming into our country for freee but also might make people angry with the words that were used to describe the immagrants.
  • The article criticises people who overreact to cultural issues – people who worry that people from different backgrounds cannot comfortably co-exist – but is the writer guilty of stirring up such feelings himself? the writer is guilty for stirring this up because he said it himself saying whos fault it is and whats coming into our country so he can be part to blame!!
  • When he describes Muslim areas, what are some of the words he uses? Muslim parents to trust their daughters to mingle in a society so debased that a Chadstone novelty gift shop openly displays to Christmas shoppers sex dolls with a huge slogan “F— a Granny”, with a leering picture to match
  • What emotions do you think the writer is appealing to when he says things like’We’re seeing ethnic gangs, too, capable of pack raping women picked out for being “skips”.’ What language tools does he use to emphasise his points? theres alot of emotions in this writer but the one that stand out in this piece is anger. hes pointing out people who come into australia only to cause trouble.
  • Do you think the writer likes Australian society as it is today? Explain your thinking.he doesnt like the society at all becuase theres to many unaustralians running our back streets and places
  • The writer says immigrants who are ‘picked’ through the new test won’t need to ‘assimilate.’ Why not?  immagrants who are picked wont need to assimilate becuase they will be part of our groupp which is a australian!1

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